YUNEEC H520E – A Secure Drone Developed for Commercial Applications πŸ”’

YUNEEC H520E in depth product review. A MAJOR upgrade over the YUNEEC H520

The YUNEEC H520E was specially developed for commercial drone applications and provides SAR ground teams, inspectors, police, fire departments and surveying teams with a versatile tool.

Pioneering Hexacopter System:
The H520E is a robust, powerful and flexible UAV platform that can be ideally adapted to individual requirements and thus enables a variety of industry-specific applications. Long flight times and high-quality camera systems with embedded GPS data allow an area to be recorded quickly and precisely, while the interference-free precision compass enables flying even in previously difficult-to-fly environments. In addition to the performance and flexibility, great emphasis was placed on the drone’s flight and data security when developing the platform.

Protection Of Sensitive Data:
The H520E-OFDM has been developed as a closed system, its technical design prevents communication with third-party servers. Communication only takes place between the drone, the payload and the ST16E remote control. Log files are stored locally in the drone and are only required by Yuneec for service purposes in the event of a guarantee. There is no involuntary data transfer to servers. Neither flight data nor images, videos or log files are forwarded to external servers and remain in your possession. Thus, your data is optimally protected.

Versatile Payload Options:
Thanks to its multiple load options, the H520E can be easily adapted to different areas of application. Currently, the E10TX / E10TvX thermal camera, the E30ZX zoom camera and the E90X photo / video camera are available to H520E users. Thanks to the ability to replace sensors in a matter of seconds, downtime is minimized and productivity is improved. One gimbal-camera combination can be exchanged for another without power cycling the airframe.

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