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This video is for demonstration and education purpose only. Each demonstration presents risk and hazards that must be fully understood before attempting. And should be performed only by professionals.

By Skynet Robotics #skynetrobotics
Avinash Sonawane

Step 1: change in code
char data = 0; //Variable for storing received data
Serial.begin(84000); //Sets the baud for serial data transmission
void loop()
if(! Serial.available() )
data = Serial.read();
data=1 ;

Step 2: Use 4500maH done battery with 10K resister in series.

* Do not try this at home if you dont have expert knowledge of coding and electronics because i have make modification in Code and controller circuit to keep drone running while attaching Propellers.
* Its vary risky to attach propeller while running , it can be cut your finger while attaching.
* In this project We used Li-ion Battery which needs expertise while charging.
* Battery can catch fire, Don’t handle unprofessionally
*This video contains drone crash shot, So don’t try at home.
* This done propeller blades are very sharp may me cause severe injury needs expertise to handle.

Learn how to make your very own drone with a camera in this comprehensive guide. Follow step-by-step instructions to build your drone from scratch using easily accessible components, including motor assembly and wiring. Discover tips for a smooth landing to avoid crash landings and ensure the safety of your drone. Explore different control methods, including smartphone app control and TV remote control, to navigate your drone effortlessly. Get access to a helpful PDF resource that provides additional details and insights into drone building. Learn how to create a motor for your drone at home with simple tools and techniques. Plus, explore the exciting world of aerial photography and videography by incorporating a camera into your drone. Watch captivating drone videos and discover the popular DJI drone models and mini drones available. Start your drone-building journey and capture stunning aerial footage with your very own creation!

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