Using your Drone for Paid Work – Commercial Work & Selling Your Pictures & Videos

#commercialdronerules #2021
0:00 Intro
0:50 USA definitions
1:43 UK definitions
3:38 Rules
4:00 A2CofC
6:03 Wind Turbines & Combines

What are the rules for paid or commercial drone work in the UK or USA? Can you sell your drone pictures and video on Picfair or Shutterstock? When do you need to fly under Part 107 rules in the USA? Can you upload drone footage to a monetized YouTube channel? When do you need Commercial Insurance? When is a flight deemed commercial rather than recreational? Do you need the A2 CofC or the GVC to fly commercially? Too many questions! But all get answered under the new rules for 2021.
Go out and get paid; the World is your Oyster…. 🙂

USA: FAA Drone Site for Remote Pilot Certificate and part 107:

More info in UK Commercial Insurance:
And check out Sean@Geeksvana’s excellent video on Commercial Insurance: />

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