MAJOR Chord Drone (Key of B) – Scale / Mode / Arpeggio Practice | Chord Formula – R, 3, 5

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Here’s a drone chord for B Major to assist in practicing various scales, modes, chords, and arpeggios.

Exploring different scales with unique formulas and tensions can infuse freshness into your musical expressions. Don’t limit yourself to just the Ionian mode (major scale) over a major chord; there’s a multitude of scales and modes to explore.

In a video, I’ve provided scale suggestions along with diagrams showcasing intervals across the guitar neck. These scales are drawn from the Major scale, harmonic minor, and melodic minor, offering a diverse range of sounds over a single chord.


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🔑 Key: B
🎼 Chord Quality: Major
🧬 Chord Formula: R, 3, 5


*Major Scale*: Ionian, Lydian, Mixolydian
*Harmonic Minor*: Phrygian Dominant, Lydian #2
*Melodic Minor*: Lydian Dominant, Mixolydian b6

Additionally, you can refine your skills in arpeggio and chord inversions. Here are a few suggestions that harmonize with the played chord:

Major 6
Major 7
Major 9
Major 7 #11
Major 13

*IMPORTANT: It’s worth noting that there’s no “wrong” note to play over any chord; each note holds a relationship with the others. The suggested scales, chords, and arpeggios all share intervals with the Major chord, providing a harmonious backdrop, while adding extensions introduces varied tensions.


🥶 Guitar pedal to create your own chord drones


00:00 Scale suggestions
00:07 B Ionian (Major Scale)
01:00 B Lydian (Major Scale)
02:00 B Mixolydian (Major Scale)
03:00 B Phrygian Dominant (Harmonic Minor)
04:00 B Lydian #2 (Harmonic MInor)
05:00 B Lydian Dominant (Melodic Minor)
06:00. B Mixolydian b6 (Melodic Minor)
07:00. Book suggestions for learning theory and licks

I recommend reading my books from top to bottom starting with major modes book👇

📕 Major Scale Modes Book
📗 Harmonic Minor Modes Book
📘 Melodic Minor Modes Book

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