The Biggest Misconceptions About Drones – Drone Spying?

Many citizens are wary of drones because they believe something that just isn’t true. In this video, we answer questions from the community and correct some misconceptions about drones. Stay tuned as you see the biggest misconceptions that we get on a daily basis.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Drones will make you rich
00:46 Drones have no rules to follow
01:34 Drones are hard to fly
02:16 Drones Are Cheap Toys
02:57 There is no height restriction for drones
03:32 Drones can’t fly near airports
04:05 Drones can fly for a long time
04:41 Drones can fly long distances
05:12 Drones Cant fly over my house
06:16 Drones can spy on me

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