Career Being A Drone Pilot 7 High Demand Industries in 2022 and beyond!

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What’s going on guys Markie Williams over here and Welcome to my channel Online Certification Courses. Here on my channel you will learn how to get certified in your job position with certification along with how to increase your paycheck with online courses as well. People always wonder What certifications can I get to make more money? A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to increase your salary with online courses. On my channel I will also do tutorials on which Certification is most demanding and also what Certification pays the most! Certification programs that pays well is money well invested when you want to boost your salary with Certification. So if you’re still wondering what certifications can I get to make more money drop a comment down below and let me assist you on how to increase your salary with online Certification! Here I will give you the run down on having a Career Being A Drone Pilot & 7 High Demand Industries in 2022 and beyond.
Many of us don’t fly drones because we want to get paid, but because its fun! But what if I tell you there is quite a few career out there that are willing to pay you to fly a drone. in this tutorial I give you a rundown on 7 careers that you can use a drone to get paid. The only quick catch is you have to be FAA certified. so come and take a look at the state of the drone industry and what the demand is for drone pilots. The FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test (commonly known as the 107 test) in order to be able to fly drones commercially. Once you get certified you can start perfecting your craft and start applying for these career jobs I’m going to mention below. Dronepreneur as they’re called are either starting their own business or flying drones as a contractor for some of these business I will talk about. From using drones in the film industry to flying drones for the power company, having your FAA Part 107 certification here will get you on the right path to start making real money for yourself. Drone certification is the number 1 way on how to make money flying a drone. The drone pilot industry is still open for many suggestion with companies on using these drones in their line of business. Take construction companies are starting to use drone flying, Roofers an even in the Real Estate market they’re saving money and time flying drones to make the sale. A very lucrative but saturated market is the drone use in film industry. with the right skills and experience you can land a job in that field of work. So please make sure you check out these links below in regards to making money flying a drone & also where to make money flying a drone… Thanks

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