How Drone Pilots Can Avoid Bird Attacks (7 Easy Tips) | DansTube.TV

Have you ever had a bird attack you or your drone? Have you ever had a close call with a bird? In this video I will show you how to avoid bird attacks while flying your drone, I will give you some insights into how to predict the behaviour of the birds in your area, I will also teach you how to prevent bird attacks before you even set up your drone. Sign up to the ultimate online drone course for beginners: 🚀 (Use code: “DANSTUBE” to save 10%).

Video contents:

(0:00 – 0:42) – How To Avoid Bird Attacks
(0:42 – 2:47) – Risk Assessment (Tip 1)
(2:47 – 4:28) – Battery/Flight Log (Tip 2)
(4:28 – 6:44) – Ascend Higher (Tip 3)
(6:44 – 7:43) – Change To Sports Mode (Tip 4)
(7:43 – 9:20) – Move Location (Tip 5)
(9:20 – 11:30) – Don’t Hover Near Trees (Tip 6)
(11:30 – 13:31) – Be Mindful Of Where You Stand (Tip 7)
(13:31 – 14:31) – Outro

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