Drone Fishing With The SwellPro FD1 ProFish and AEE Condor Pro Fishing Drones

Here we start off with the SwellPro FD1 Profish, we give a basic rundown on how to set it up before Kaleb catches a kingfish. The SwellPro FD1 drones start at $1999 NZD without a camera, or $2499 NZD as seen in this video with the camera. The SwellPro FD1 drone has a 2kg payload, 1.6km range, up to 26 minute flight time, and an IP65 rated body. These drones come standard with a servo operated release mechanism, no tension releases are currently available for these. The remotes for the SwellPro FD1 are not waterproof in any way. If you are wanting a waterproof remote, check out the SplashDrone 4 as seen in our other videos.

The new AEE Condor Pro ,which is coming soon, has more than 3kg lift, 1km range, 30 minute flight time, can fly in the rain, and will be less than $3000 NZD. The AEE Condor Pro will have the same remote as the standard AEE Condor, not the complex remote shown in this video. This helps to keep the price more reasonable for a top end drone, and make the drone far easier to use. The release mechanism is the Newton 3, which can either release under tension or with the push of a button. This is the safest release mechanism, as any tangles will result in the line releasing, rather than causing problems with the drone. You’ll see us taking a fishing net out with the Condor Pro, we wouldn’t attempt this with a servo type release.

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