Drone News, Blue UAS troubles, Scream Tracking Drones, rescue caught on camera, Commercial UAV Expo

This week in drone news, Blue UAS are not measuring up against other competition, a scream tracking drone for search and rescue, two people rescued from drowning caught on camera by a recreational flyer, and the upcoming Commercial UAV Expo.

0:00 Introduction
00:48 Blue UAS program report
11:09 Scream Tracking Drone
12:12 Drowning rescue recorded by a drone
13:14 Upcoming Industry Event

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Blue UAS aren’t measuring up to other competitors.
Blue UAS cost 8-14 times more than similar systems
Blue UAS reduced sensor capabilities by up to 95%.
DOI has continued to ground Chinese UAS including DJI products for all missions except emergencies. This comes after a pentagon audit cleared at least two DJI aircraft.

This new payload uses an array of small microphones and an onboard computer that filters the noise. These microphones will be used to listen for screams for help. These microphones are also all directional, allowing for a searcher/the drone to hone in on a potential victim.
This could be used in both rural and urban search and rescue incidents.

A mother and son struggling in the ocean were saved on July 3rd.
The scene was caught on camera by a recreational drone, Thad Unkefer, flyer while testing the active track features on his new drone.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpO2QjMt58g />
The Commercial UAV Expo is around the corner: September 7-9 at the Mirage in Las Vegas.
Greg and Jason will be attending
Topics include Construction; Energy & Utilities; Forestry & Agriculture; Infrastructure & Transportation; Mining & Aggregates; Public Safety & Emergency Services; Security; Drone Delivery and Surveying & Mapping.
The conference program addresses such topics as the regulatory landscape, BVLOS operations, Remote ID, safe integration of UAS into the airspace, and disruptive UAS technologies. The event draws qualified vertical industry end-users, leaders guiding the safe integration of UAS into the airspace, solutions pioneers, and more, making for unparalleled networking.

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