15 Beginner Drone Maneuvers (Sharpen Your Skills)

If you’re new to flying drones or are looking to get better, these 15 basic drone maneuvers are perfect to hone your skills and will show you how to fly your drone.

Join Greg in this video for an introduction to practice maneuvers for your GPS-enabled drone such as DJI, Autel, Skydio or Parrot. We’ll cover basic movements, climbing and descending, and work our way up to basic tracking and orbits. We’ll also discuss some basic cinematic drone shots along with your basic maneuvers.

These basic drone maneuvers are perfect for beginners and will make you a much better pilot.

00:00 Introduction
01:07 Straight Flight
02:47 Vertical Box
04:15 Climb & Travel
05:52 Reverse Sensing
08:59 S-Turn
10:43 Rectangular Pattern
13:07 Rounded Corner Rectangular Pattern
16:27 Vertical Triangle
18:15 Follow with Yaw
21:19 Orbit
24:11 Forward Reveal
26:19 Corkscrew
28:22 Zoom Reveal
29:34 Yaw & Reveal
30:29 Tracking

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