Customized Drone Utility Vehicles

Steel City sells custom built Utility Drone Vehicles as well as Matrice 300 and Mavic 2 packages plus the full line of DJI drones.

Visit:​ | Drone Training Anywhere In The United States
**Steel City Drones Flight Academy offers complete drone training services anywhere in the United States.
-WE OFFER training services for all DJI platforms including the DJI M300, M200 V1, M200 V2, Inspire, Mavic, and Phantom series.
-WE OFFER drone-introduction classes: Advanced drone flying, Law Enforcement and Fire Department Drone training, Commercial drone applications classes, Cell tower inspections with drones, and Precision agriculture using drones -such as golf course management.
-WE OFFER financing and leasing options with special Public safety purchasing plans as well.

If you are ready to take your drone capability to the next level, visit our website today!

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