Understanding Australia’s *Confusing!* DRONE Laws & Regulations – EPISODE #2: S.O.P. COMMERCIAL

Here in Australia, the Laws & Regulations that govern ‘Drones’ (better known as UAV, RPAS, Multi-Rotor) are confusing to say the least. I wanted to do series that opened the forum for discussion, in the hope for clarity on some of these ‘grey’ issues.

EPISODE #2 – I finish my summary of the Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P.). The SOP covers all drone pilots and it is easiest to explain by breaking it down into two (2) main categories of pilots, Commercial & Hobbyists. In this video I breakdown what you will need to if you want to become a COMMERCIAL DRONE PILOT in Australia, which will allow you to fly outside the S.O.P.

I DO NOT WORK FOR CASA AND I AM NOT A LAWYER. I ALSO HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO… SO DON’T STRESS…😎👌🏼 Check these websites for offical information and source material. Thank you CASA for the cool animations.

CASA Website – https://www.casa.gov.au
Know Your Drone Website – https://www.casa.gov.au/knowyourdrone
CASR Regulation – https://www.casa.gov.au/standard-page/casr-part-101-unmanned-aircraft-and-rocket-operations.
myCASA – https://my.casa.gov.au
ASIC – https://asic.gov.au

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