Ukraine withdraws Abrams tanks from front line amid barrage of drone attacks I Ukraine: The Latest

Day 790.

Today, we discuss the latest news from Ukraine as the Ukrainian armed forces remove American Abrams tanks from the front line. We deep-dive into the capabilities of the ATACMS missiles and we hear from a British volunteer who works in front line villages across the East of Ukraine.


David Knowles (Head of Audio Development). @djknowles22 on X.

Dominic Nicholls(Associate Editor, Defence). @DomNicholls on X.

Joe Barnes(Brussels Correspondent). @Barnes_Joe on X.

Lauren Shirreff (Journalist). @laurenshirreff on X.

With thanks to Minty Gow (Freelance journalist and volunteer). @aramintagow on X.

Articles & organisations referenced:

Why Russia is targeting planes

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Joe Barnes on ATACAMS

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