UK Drone Regulations (2022) in Under 8 Minutes! Geeksvana UK Drone Rules Series

Hey everyone! The UK Drone Rules changed a lot at the start of 2021 and sometimes it can be a little intimidating to watch hours and hours of videos to get the basics a hobbyist drone flyer in the UK needs to know. Today on Geeksvana, we will bring you the basic UK Drone Rules you need to know in under 8 minutes! Sean will set a timer and run through what you need to know from airspace, to registration and from privacy to flying over people. For a deeper dive into the rules, you can find our UK Drone Rules Playlist, with many specialist videos covering specific subjects here:

Video resources:

Below are links to the sites, apps and documents mentioned in the video.

UK CAA Drone Code:

Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme:

UK CAA CAP 722 PDF: />
Altitude Angel Drone Assist App:

Android: />
Drone Safety Map (from Altitude Angel):

Geeksvana Walkthrough of the Drone Assist App: />
To help you revisit this video and check the information you need, here are some chapters:

00:00 – 01:16 INTRODUCTION
01:17 – 01:49 SOME BASICS
01:50 – 02:17 ARTICLE 241
02:18 – 03:16 UK Drone Registration (DMARES)
03:17 – 03:36 A3 Subcategory
03:37 – 04:27 A2 and the A2 CofC
04:28 – 04:50 GVC – General Visual Line of Sight Certificate
04:51 – 04:59 Working with Your Drone in UK (Commercial Use)
05:00 – 05:20 CAA Insurance Requirements
05:21 – 06:20 A1 Airspace & Sub 250g Drones
06:21 – 07:26 Article 16 Authorisation
07:27 – 08:03 Permissible Airspace
08:04 – 08:28 Privacy Basics
08:29 – 08:52 Want More Info? Here’s How
08:53 – 09:03 Drone Masterclass Courses
09:04 – 09:33 Thanks, Subscribe and See You Next Time!



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