It’s Been a Good Run, Phone Providers.

How are these legal??

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Lora v32 👉
Cases & 915 Whip Antenae 👉
MuziWorks Store 👉
DJI Mini Drone 👉
3D Printing a PCB Partner (JLCPCB) 👉 />
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Full Blog Post 👉
Meshtastic Firmware

Web Client Application

Discover the revolutionary world of #Meshtastic, the new tech sensation that’s changing the way we communicate off the grid. Move over, Flipper Zero, and welcome to a decentralized communication network that’s open-source, free from big brother’s watchful eye, and powered by tiny, affordable, and low-powered ESP32 microcontrollers. In this comprehensive video, we dive into everything Meshtastic can do – from encrypted messages over long-range LoRa technology to its applications in rural, mobile, or grid-down scenarios. Learn about the essentials, including how to set up your device, avoid common pitfalls, and even how to extend its range dramatically with a simple antenna upgrade.

This video is your guide to understanding how Meshtastic provides a confidential and secure way to communicate, perfect for avoiding wiretapping by telecom giants. Whether you’re preparing for a festival, planning a remote adventure, or needing a reliable communication tool for NGO work in areas without cell infrastructure, Meshtastic has you covered. We’ll show you what’s inside the LoRa 32 box, suggest upgrades for better performance, and take you through the steps to get your device up and running with the latest firmware directly from your browser.

Experience an epic range test as we equip a drone with Meshtastic technology, demonstrating the true capabilities of these devices. From setting up the hardware, including choosing the right battery and case, to flashing the Meshtastic firmware and exploring practical use cases, this video is packed with valuable insights. Meshtastic is not just a gadget; it’s a versatile tool for secure, encrypted, text-based communication, ideal for skiing, paragliding, camping, and more.

Don’t miss out on the future of communication. Dive into the Meshtastic world with us, understand its vast potentials, and see if it’s the right tech for your next adventure or project. Subscribe for more in-depth tech reviews and tutorials, and join us as we explore cutting-edge technologies that empower you to communicate on your terms.

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00:00 – Introducing Meshtastic
00:18 – What can they do?
00:44 – Why LoRa?
01:31 – Heltec LoRa v32 v3
05:31 – Flash Meshtastic Firmware
07:56 – Meshtastic Client Apps
13:17 – Encrypted Chats
16:29 – Conduct a Range Test

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