How to Create Drone Videos That People Will Actually Watch!

You hear the word “cinematic” quite often, but what does it take to actually have a cinematic drone video? If you have these 4 things, you’ll have a truly impactful and cinematic video!

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0:00 Introduction
1:13 The topics
1:22 The Foundation of All Drone Videos
3:07 Planning Your Shots
4:40 Sound Design is the Glue!
8:27 Variety Keeps Them Engaged
9:41 My 6 Favorite Drone Moves
The Top 3 Drones I Recommend for Beginner Drone Enthusiasts:
* 💥DJI Mini 3 Pro: />* 💯DJI Mavic 3 Classic:
* ❤️DJI Air 2S: (Absolute best for the money right now)
Camera 2:
Favorite SD Card:
Wireless Microphone:
Studio Microphone:
Action Camera:
Action Camera 2:
Equipment Bag:
Primary Drone:
Second Drone:
Lighting 1:
Lighting 2:
Lighting 3:
Lighting 4:
Lighting 5:
Budget Fill Lights:

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