How Iranian Drones could Attack the US

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Iran’s plan to attack the United States with Kamikaze drones. And this plan involves using Venezuela as a launching base for these attacks. Iranian attack drones, which have evolved into propeller driven cruise missiles, put the whole of the Caribbean shipping lanes and also the US Gulf of Mexico coast at risk of being attacked. Iran is increasing its influence over Venezuela, where some of its drones are already being assembled. Venezuela is also a safe haven for Iran proxy. This makes Latin America not only a potential flashpoint in a future war involving America, but also a bargaining chip for Iran, in negotiating with Washington.

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00:00 Iran’s drone attack against the US
00:54 Latin America and Irania
03:09 MyHeritage
04:42 Iranian drones and their capabilities
06:18 How Iranian drones could critical in an attack against the US
08:36 Venezuela a scaled down version of the Cuba missile crisis
10:35 Conclusion

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