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Are you a licensed sUAS drone pilot? Do you want to use your skills to help your local community in search and rescue efforts? Do you want to understand how to integrate with other search and rescue efforts as a part of your communities emergency planning? This course will start from the basics of what is search and rescue all the way to the successful completion of a mission and the debrief.

Jay Manley has a long history of search and rescue participation, including actual mission “Finds”. Jay is an 18-year member of the Civil Air Patrol, with the rank of Lt. Col., has over 600 hours of flying and over 150 actual mission hours of flying. But besides the flying aspects, Jay is also a certified Incident Commander and actively helps train other members in search and rescue activities. He is also a Life member of the AMA and has been operating a UAS business for almost a year now.

Recently he has taken it upon himself to extend the training that he has had in search and rescue with CAP into the area of UAS operations. This course is a collection of that knowledge and training.

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