Fastest Way I’m Making Money with my Drone

Stock footage sells too slow, this skips the line. Its consistent and residual.

Every month or two I’ll get an email about using it for an event, on a realtors website, in a facebook ad, stuff like that. So consistently its been $400ish every 3-5 weeks on my Scottsdale Video. Anybody can be making these in their town, nobody does though idk why, which is fine I’ll just drive there and make one lol. But This is the fastest way I’m making money with my drone.

Link to the Editing & Cinematography Online Drone Course, includes the drone business/marketing course now too so they are just one thing.
$100 Off because I love you I guess: />
Before you ask the Mavic Mini is really cutting it close for this stuff but up to you. Can you get someone to buy from you? Yeah, people will buy iPhone footage if its exactly what they want.
Should you go apply for National Geographic? No.
Either way if you have a drone business or you want to make money with a drone, you should be doing this. Drone stock footage sells okay, IF you have good stuff but selling drone footage locally works better.

Mavic 3 – unbeatable, don’t even need the Cine version. Even with the weirdness on launch, its still phenomenal
Mavic 2 Pro – great
Evo II Pro 6K – great
Air 2S – great but needs some color adjustments in the editor.

Inspire 2 – unstoppable, just noisy as hell

Evo II 8K – good
Mini 2 – good
Mavic Air 2 – good
Mavic Pro 1 – okayish… actually no its 2022 buy a new drone

Phantom 4 Pro/Adv – good
Phantom 3 adv/standard – okay
Mini 1 – no… but very fun

AUDIO: is really good for fast/cheap stuff. Trailer sound effects too – higher quality, little more cost
MusicBed – earth shattering quality, but you have to message and negotiate with music creators

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