EPIC 3D LiDAR Drone model of Roller Coaster

See the 3D Roller Coaster model here — https://bit.ly/3c08OSp

Thanks for tuning in to another epic adventure here on Indiana Drones. In this video I captured a 3D model using the ROCK R2A LiDAR sensor on the DJI M300 drone. The total flight time was under 30 minutes and the data was captured entirely in manual flight mode.

If you are interested in learning more about LiDAR check out the ROCK academy. This is where I post tutorials and LiDAR knowledge — https://bit.ly/3p65Xwv

All the equipment is available for purchase from ROCK robotic, here — https://bit.ly/3fsgsa7

Give ROCK a shout out and follow on linkedin — https://bit.ly/3fuhVgn

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