Drone Pilots: Don’t fly your drone in the rain! #drones #part107 #dji #djimavic

Don’t fly your drone in the rain unless it was specifically designed for it.

It’s tempting to fly when we want to get cool shots. Sometimes those cool shots might cost you more than you want.

It’s no secret that water and electricity don’t mix. If you fly in the rain your drone could literally be sucking in those rain droplets (or snow) and corroding your equipment over time.

You might not have your drone fall out of the sky during a rain storm but you could very well be reducing the life of your drone and, perhaps cause a catastrophic failure in the future.

If you’re flying commercially and get insurance on your drone it’s likely you might lose a claim because of previous water damage that aided in the degradation of your equipment.

So don’t fly your drone in the rain. Be safe and fly well!


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