Drone laws in the USA | How to LEGALLY fly a drone | Do you need a commercial drone license?

Today we’re talking about how to legally fly a drone for Youtube videos and some FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) laws surrounding drone flying. After someone anonymously reported us to the FAA, we were told we could not fly our drone until we passed the Part 107 test to become a commercial drone pilot. It was a bit scary, a lot confusing, but in the end we’re more confident drone pilots thanks to some amazing study materials. Chris aced his test and today we’re answering some of your questions from Instagram that you had regarding drone flying, Youtube vlogging, and more. Our biggest question: how do you think this will impact the new DJI FPV drone? Let us know in the comments below!

Time codes (jump to a section)
00:00 – Intro
04:54 – Part 107 drone test study course
07:55 – Does weight limit on a drone matter?
09:55 – Is there a height requirement for drone flying?
10:53 – Is a license needed to fly a drone in certain places?
11:23 – Why does a commercial drone license matter? How much did the commercial drone license cost?
15:09 – If you have drone footage before monetizing your channel do those videos count?
15:42 – Can you use drone footage that has already been recorded?
16:52 – Doesn’t the FAA have better things to do?
18:02 – What does it entail to obtain a commercial drone license to fly?
19:22 – Is Sara going to take the commercial drone test too?
19:36 – What did you do to prepare for the Part 107 test and how long did it take?

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