DJI MINI 3 PRO 1 Minute flight test challenge #drone #djimini3pro #500m #shorts

Free and Easy way to unlock your drone 15meters/120m/500m altitude limit on DJI MINI 3 drone.
Permanent solution for altitude restriction.
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Drone hacks license purchase:

Drone hacks- DHCOMPANION download:

DRONE-HACKS videos playlist: />
#djimini3pro #15m #litchi #dronehacks #rainbow #hack
All-New DJI mini 3 pro has the altitude restriction in India with a limit of 120m.
So to hack the limit of dji mini3 pro we would require a normal RC remote. If you have a smart RC remote them you will not be able to hack the limit.
If you planing to purchase dji mini3 in india then you should surely consider watching this video.
– Comment below let me know what do you think about dji mini3? Is it worth upgrade from dji mini 2 to DJI mini 3

Don’t upgrade your aircraft firmware on dji mini2 – Dronehacks, rainbow, litchi not working.
DJI has removed the 15m hack processes.

the advantages and disadvantages of DH rainbow and litchi. Don’t miss this video if you are DJI drone user.
#Dronehacks VS #litchi VS #raibow

RAINBOW videos playlist: />
LITCHI videos playlist: />
Download link of rainbow app(Android) Free – />
Download link of rainbow app(Android) Paid – />
link to direct the official DRONE Hacks pages –

link to purchase the DHcompanion license –

Download link of DHcompanion application –


Dji has released SDK file.
Rainbow app is supporting Mini 2 / SE and air 2s
Link of First video, RAINBOW intro app –
In this video, I have tested 15m limit, RTH and stability.

Link of second video, Rainbow (Waypoint, orbit, track, panorama test) –

Link of Third video, Rainbow (Live tracking, FOLLOW ME) –

Link of fourth video, Rainbow (hyperlapse feature) –

Download link of rainbow app(IOS) –

DJI has launched new dji fly app. so in this video we are testing 15m hack is working or not after the upgrade. added features in new version.

Download DJI fly app v1.4.12 –

15meters hack video –

drone registration video –

before updated watch the video till the end.

for any queries comment below.


follow the steps properly everybody will be able to hack 15m restriction.
stay tuned working on permanent solution, will come up soon with permanent solution.

DJI mini 2 benifits of firmware update V01.02.0300 | After the updating will 15m hack work?

DJI MINI 2 | 15m hack for iOS devices | Altitude problem solved for #iphone users | max altitude
100% working
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Rainbow videos playlist: />
Litchi videos playlist: />
Drone-hacks Video playlist: />
DJI MINI 2 | Maximum altitude test | #500m challenge | Hack works perfectly | RC signal lost?

DJI Mini 2
tested quick shoot
best drone.
don’t fly more than 30m. please follow the government drone laws.
I never fly more than 30m.
solution to fly more than 15m –

Software used –

fake gps – />
phone used – One plus Nord

laptop used – Lenovo IdeaPad gaming3

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Shivkumar Dharmoji

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