Cinematic 4K Drone Footage Of Crosby Beach Boat Lake Pier At Relaxing Blue Hour #youtubeshorts

Liverpool Drone Services via EFP Drone Footage.

Drone footage for Construction, Property Management, Advertising, Media, Liverpool, Merseyside landmarks, and other places of interest.

For Inquiries:
If you would like to use this footage in a production, or if you are interested in any EFP Drone Footage services, then please contact me via email at [email protected], or call 07729 542364. You can also find me on social media.

HLog, DLog and Raw files are available upon request.

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EFP Drone Footage Blogger Website:

All footage on this channel is owned by EFP Drone Footage.

EFP Drone Footage Services:

NOTE: EFP Drone Footage Can Provide Clients Videos and Photographs From the Air and on the Ground.

Rooftop Inspections by Drone.
Aerial Building Site Progression.
Estate Agent Property Portfolios.
Drone Footage for Media Productions.

Roof Inspections By Drone:

EFP Drone Footage can support roofing companies by delivering visual information from our high-quality drones that can be used to inspect a customer’s roof safely, and in minutes without someone having to get up there and make an assessment in person.

Construction Site Progression Monitoring Using Drones:

We can also perform precise follow-up inspections of rooftops or construction sites using our GPS automated software which allows our drones to carry out the exact same path each time ensuring you get the best deliverables for your needs.

The same can be done for estate agents who want to go the extra mile to showcase their properties.

Drone Footage for Estate Agents near you.

Estate agents can contact EFP Drone Footage for high quality drone footage and photographs to help advertise their properties that are on the market.

EFP can provide dynamic and unique, high-resolution images that can feature on websites.

Aerial Media Production with Drones.

Contact us for media work or local business advertising productions.

Drone Pilot Qualifications:

UK CAA Registered Drone Pilot
A2 CofC Certified
A1 & A3 Open Sub Category
FPVUK Member
Commercial Drone Insurance
Hobby Drone Activity Insured
Certificate Of Competency: Drone Law (‘A’ Certificate) Passed
Authorised Under Article 16
Completes Risk Assessment For Each Flight

Things To Film In Liverpool With My DJI Drones:

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EFP Drone Footage – Liverpool Drone Stock Footage – Drone Videography – Amazing Drone Footage of Liverpool – Liverpool Reel – DJI Drones

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