All About The Autel Evo II Drone Lineup

All About The Autel Evo II Drone Lineup

In this video, Daniel gives us the breakdown on the Autel Evo II drone series. Find out the specs and features common to these drone models and know how they stack against each other. In addition, learn more about the Autel Evo II Enterprise Series – powerful drone models for large scale operations.


0:00 – Introduction & Overview of the Lineup
0:34 – Common Features Across the Lineup
1:21 – Evo II Basic Series
2:08 – Evo II Thermal Series
2:46 – Evo II RTK Series
3:30 – Evo II Enterprise Series
4:33 – Contact the For More Info

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Check out our Autel Evo II drone series infographic here:

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