5 Killer Ideas for Drone Videos

I’ve tested tons of ideas of what to film, I know how frustrating it is not knowing what to do when you first get a drone. Which shots look coolest or which locations wind up giving great shots everytime. As a drone cinematographer, these 5 Filming and location ideas give me gold pretty consistently.

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These 5 techniques pretty much give me consistently great cinematography everytime. The drone does most of the work with the 4k camera honestly. These are easy to do, don’t take multiple functions or tons of experience and work great for mavic pro, mavic zoom, mavic air, phantom 4 and 3, etc.

2:45 Low, fast, over-water
3:18 Just straight down
3:55 Right down the line
4:50 Shot kinda down
5:02 Eagle on the mountain
5:54 Fly just barely above anything busy happening beneath
6:36 Find a tall building and go sideway

These are my best drone video moves I could tell you off the top of my head, but I have a new video for drone cinematography as well for 2022. Go to my channel for that one, I have new shots angles and ideas, and also how to make money with your drone.

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